The Jig Show are an exciting 4-piece Alt Folk band from Edinburgh, Scotland. Blending contemporary Scots fiddle tunes with an explosive rock aesthetic, they produce an intoxicating and complex sound. Each of the band's members - Peter Menzies (fiddle), Mark Blanford (guitar), Stephen Foster (bass) and David Hill (drums) - have been active in Scotland’s music scene for over 10 years, and draw upon a wealth of experiences to create something truly unique. Fans of Treacherous Orchestra, Lau, and Elephant Sessions, to Pink Floyd and Rage Against The Machine will find something to love here. 

Beginning life as an unorthodox ceilidh band in 2018, The Jig Show quickly became one of the most exciting live acts in Edinburgh’s music scene, performing outlandish dance sets to thousands of visitors in the Scottish capital. An overwhelmingly positive response from audiences inspired the group to expand their creative endeavours, and in 2022 they began writing ambitious original material. For a year they have diligently honed their sound on the live circuit, with notable performances headlining the main stages at Celtica Valle D’Aosta festival and Leith Festival, and most recently a main stage performance at Butefest. 

The group’s long awaited debut single 'Scorpion' launched alongside an official music video on September 15, 2023. Dynamic and multifaceted, the song is a whirlwind of distorted guitars, thunderous drums and captivating fiddle, serving as the perfect introduction to this group and their penchant for combining intricate orchestration with emotive melody. A fiery production on the record exemplifies the band’s unapologetic indulgence of loud, rumbustious sound, and enables their insatiable energy to spill forth. Part Hard-Rock, part Scottish Folk, the single evokes a youthful exuberance with its powerful grooves and frenetic pace, whilst elegant fiddle timbre in the piece’s latter stages represents the introspection of a more mature mind. 

‘Scorpion’ is a roaring first effort that characterises the group’s ambition to provoke profound thought and emotion in equal measure.